What is a Woman?

In a recent letter to First Things magazine, Mother of six Gina Loehr offered up these helpful words to share with our kids. “Femininity is not a measure of fashion choices or makeup usage. Drag queens insult me because they reduce femininity to an appearance that can be purchased and painted on. We who believe in biological sex as an essential part of our human and personal dignity ought to be sure we do not fall prey to the same error. My female body has matured through the trials of puberty, the decades-long challenges of menstruation, pregnancy, miscarriage, childbirth, and nursing. I will never bond over any of these experiences with a man, a male drag queen, or a trans woman, even if we swap dresses, wear matching shades of lipstick, or hire the same surgeon to reconfigure our chests. Masculinity and femininity can’t be bought. Our gender identity is assigned to us freely at the moment of conception. My body, with its uniquely feminine powers, makes me a woman. Not my wallet.”