Several years ago, I had a conversation with Dr. Meg Meeker, a pediatrician who saw a significant number of teenage girls in her practice. I remember Dr. Meeker telling me about some of the frank conversations she was having with girls regarding oral sex. Many of them thought that it was not to be considered sex because it couldn’t result in a pregnancy. Others mentioned that they thought it was safe. Dr. Meeker would then proceed to inform the surprised girls that every sexually transmitted infection could be contracted in oral sex. Recent research is telling us that our kids still don’t grasp the fact that oral sex is a dangerous practice, with sixty percent saying it’s either not risky, or only mildly risky. Our kids are talking about it and engaging in it, whether we like it or not. As Christian parents, we can’t stop at giving accurate information. We first and foremost God’s design for his good gift of sexuality, which includes teaching our kids to, as Paul says, flee from sexual immorality.