What Really Matters in Life

Have you ever read a line or two in a book that forced you to stop in your tracks and pause to reflect on the power and truth of the words you just read? I was recently reading Rico Tice’s book, “Faithful Leaders and the things that matter most.” It’s a book about growing in faith as we develop the kind of leadership skills that will benefit those we lead, including our children and teens. Tice tells the story of chatting with a woman after a funeral at which an older lady asked him, “Rico, do you know what failure is?” “No – tell me” he answered. Tice says that what she said next has stuck with him forever. “Failure is being successful at the things that don’t matter.” Parents, our culture is spinning a narrative about success that is enticing, seductive, and compelling to all of us, parents and kids alike. I want to encourage you to evaluate everything you see and hear in today’s culture under the truth-filled light of God’s Word. It is there and only there where we will understand what really matters.