Last summer, New York Magazine published the results of a survey of teenagers regarding their shopping habits. The magazine wanted to get a read on what’s popular among adolescents in 2021, specifically the thirty-one cool things to buy. As I read the article, I learned that Levi’s are now the favorite brand of denim. Square sunglasses are suddenly out of fashion and the kids are drawn to oval sunglasses. The popular scrunchie is losing ground to the claw clip that girls are using in their hair. And, kids even listed their favorite brand of condoms. You can learn a lot about kids by how they spend their money. Two big changes in terms of teen spending relate to the why and the how. In terms of the why kids buy certain things, they admit to being heavily influenced by celebrities and online influencers And in terms of the how, they are now using TikTok to shop. Parents, your kids are easily influenced. Teach them to embrace God’s standards for their money and spending, rather than the culture’s standards.