Today, I want to remind you about what health and well-being experts are calling an epidemic of vaping among our youth. The New England Journal of Medicine says that nicotine vaping has more than doubled among U.S. Youth over the last two years. A growing number of states are considering or enacting legislation to ban some vaping products in order to push back on this epidemic. Just how prevalent is vaping among our kids? The annual Monitoring the Future Survey has released the following numbers: During 2019, two percent of eight graders, seven percent of tenth graders, and twelve percent of twelfth grades report vaping daily. Those who have vaped over the previous thirty days include nine percent of eighth graders, twenty percent of tenth graders, and twenty five percent of twelfth graders. Finally we know that forty one percent of twelfth graders report vaping at least once in their lives. Warn your kids of the dangers of vaping, and be sure to monitor their behavior.