Why Girls Engage with Pornography

The folks at Defend Young Minds have released a list of the three top reasons why more our girls are seeking out and engaging with pornography. To know the reasons is to know how to push back on this trend. First, our girls are feeling a growing pressure from boys to watch pornography. Girls are feeling compelled to conform to these expectations. We must respond by helping them understand the immoral nature of these expectations, along with encouraging them to feel the freedom to come and talk to us when they encounter the expectations. Second, may girls accidentally discover pornography, many times through social media feeds and chat groups. Borders and boundaries are needed, along with parental oversight, and again, the encouragement to talk openly with us as parents. Finally, they go to pornography out of curiosity. Parents, remember that your child’s sex education needs to be rooted in Scripture, along with what you are teaching them in the home.