Forbes magazine recently ran an article about teens with a headline that really grabbed my attention. The headline read, “Is there science behind why teens wear hoodies in summer heat?” Perhaps you, like me, often find yourself scratching your head and wondering why that kid over there is wearing a sweatshirt on a ninety-five degree day. Meterologist Marshall Shepherd decided to look into this and posits that there are some obvious reasons for the summer hoodies. They protect the skin from sun damage, guard against bug bites, have pockets to carry things, and cover the bodies of those who have body image concerns. In addition, some research suggests that hoodies provide the same kind of emotional comfort those struggling with anxiety often find in weighted blankets. Perhaps summer hoodies are a reminder of our need to lay off pressuring our kids too much, while reminding them of a God whose yoke is easy and whose burden is light for those who cast their cares on Jesus Christ.