Culture is what we believe, what we do and how we live our lives from day to day. It binds us to those who think and live in similar manner. It’s the values, attitudes and behaviors that drive how we live our lives. I’ve always found it helpful to view youth culture as the soup our kids swim in everyday. Consequently, if we want to engage students for the sake of the gospel, we’d better take the time to know what’s in the soup. In one of my local restaurants, the soup bar features three selections. I’ve watched how people choose their soup. They lift the lid off the pot, stir the soup, lift the ladle, and examine the soup’s ingredients. If they like what they see, they fill their bowl. If we are to effectively engage our students with the truths of the gospel, we must step up to their world, lift the lid and look carefully at the unique and ever-changing mix of cultural elements they swim in everyday. Are you taking the time to know and respond to your kids’ youth culture?