We all need to pay attention to Tony Dungy’s recounting of the tragic loss of his eighteen-year-old son Jamie to suicide several years ago. While God ministered deeply to Tony and his wife during this very difficult time, God also ministered through the couple as they lived out their faith in the days, weeks, and months that followed. At Jamie’s funeral, Tony Dungy spoke these words: “What’s kept our family going these last couple of days is what we believe, and we believe God when he says that he works all things for his good for those who love the Lord. It’s hard to accept because we can’t always see it, but we have to believe it.” Those are timely words for all of us as we struggle with the difficult circumstances that come our way. Life is complicated for teenagers, parents, and families. But you can be sure of this: God not only is, but he is at work! Praise God for the hope of the Gospel!