Would You Give Up Social Media?

If you’ve ever had a family game night, you are most likely familiar with the game called would you rather? You might have used questions like would you rather team up with wonder woman or captain marvel, or would you rather be forced to sing along or dance along to every single song you hear? It’s a fun game where you can learn much about other family members. I recently saw a YouTube video where a teen asked his peers, would you rather give up social media or eat the same meal for the rest of your life? Good question. According to recent data from the Pew Internet and Life project, fifty-four percent of our teens say it would be hard to give up social media. Less than half, forty-six percent, say it would be somewhat easy to give up social media. As researchers continue to look at the issue of smartphone and technology addictions, we would be wise to set and enforce boundaries. We don’t want social media to become an idol that supplants their love for Jesus Christ.