When I was young, I thought that childhood would last forever, and, like Peter Pan, I’d always be a boy. Then I became a teenager. I realized that soon I’d be responsible for myself. This was important as my parents had already made it clear that I wasn’t going to be living in their house forever! One of the most heavy tasks of adolescence is that of making decisions regarding the future. As teens begin to focus on a vocational choice, they ask many questions: What should I do with my life? How will I learn the necessary skills? Do I need to go to college? If so, where? What will I major in? How will I get a job? Will I get a job? Will I earn enough money? Where will I live? Will I get married? The list goes on. These questions can be difficult and overwhelming as teenagers cope with all the other changes taking place in their lives. Parents must be sensitive to their teens as they face the task of searching out God’s will and deciding what to do with their lives.