My son recently told me about hearing a radio ad for an interesting summer camp experience for kids. The ad was recruiting kids ages eight to twelve to participate in a one-week long YouTube camp, where campers will be taught how to amaze friends and family by creating a successful YouTube channel. Campers are taught how to identify an audience, create a brand, brainstorm a creative format, produce engaging content, and create at least one YouTube video. The price for the five-day camp, which is completely virtual, is a mere six hundred and nineteen dollars. Now I will be the first to say that our kids need to learn skills in technology. After all, they will be living in a tech saturated world. But when seen through the context of the current cultural trend toward branding and curating one’s self to develop celebrity and an online following, I believe that experiences like this could easily serve to teach our kids to develop skills to glorify themselves, rather than to bring glory to God.