“Your phone addiction is something you can change. Insist on unplugging, and include your spouse, if you have one. Commit to walking in your house with your family and turning off your phone. Can you do it? Because if you can’t do it, your kids can’t do it. And if you can’t demonstrate that behavior, then don’t be surprised when you’re sitting at dinner and your kid’s looking down at their phone. The phone isn’t going to teach them to put it down; you have to. I do believe the solution to kids’ obsessions with their phones starts with a look in the mirror. The problem is you and your addiction to your phone; it’s not your kid. Your kid is simply doing what he or she has seen you do.”

– Jamie Lee Curtis, as told to THINK editor Megan Carpentier, explaining why she wrote her latest book “Me, Myselfie & I” in September 2018 (nbcnews.com).