Age Compression

Age Compression and Aspiration

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Magazine Covers and Identity

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12-Year-Old Girls and Sex

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Parental Pressure

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In Particular

 – By Walt Mueller ©2006, The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding Christmas. Lately it’s been a time for me to pursue some re-directed thinking. The problem is that I’ve spent so many years immersed in and pursuing the nostalgic, commercialized, feel-good Christmas that’s so much a part of the American experience, that the December 25th that... more »

Making the Young Old Before their Time

 – by Paul Robertson ©2001, The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding Being a school guidance counselor can be quite an adventure these days. In the span of a few weeks, a guidance counselor friend of mine dealt with the following issues – one girl drunk in the washroom; three boys suspended for setting a fire in... more »

Youth Culture Hot Quote

“I’m terrified of growing up. Once you become an adult, how do you step back from that? It’s something that wakes me up at night.” – Lorde, 17-year-old phenom singer, at a concert in New York’s Roseland Ballroom, according to Billboard, March 14, 2014 more »