Parent Prompt: Chat GPT and Today’s Teen

CPYU Parent Prompts are a regularly released resource to spark biblically-centered conversations with your kids about the issues they face in today’s youth culture. Christian parents need to approach the artificial intelligence (AI) tools that our kids are using with…
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Episode 49: “School As Mission Field” with Travis Deans

Download the podcast as an .mp3 by clicking here. RSS FEED – click here. Access from Apple Podcasts. FURTHER RESOURCES Resources, links, or other helpful tools mentioned in the podcast: Kyle Hoffsmith (website) Old North Church (Kyle’s church) Linda Oliver…
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ChatGPT, Kids, and School

Late last year, the American artificial intelligence research laboratory know as Open AI launched the ChatGPT artificial intelligence chatbot. Now if your head is already spinning over that last sentence, you’re not alone. Those of you who share my technical…
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