Intercourse, PA – RYM Youth Leader Training

Keystone Church 6 Pequea Drive, Paradise, PA

CPYU President Dr. Walt Mueller will make presentations at the RYM Youth Leader Training Conference. His presentations will focus on "How Youth Workers Can Support Parents," "How To Talk About Pornography and Sexuality With Students: Content and Posture," and "Stressed out: Pushing Back On The Epidemic Of Teen Anxiety." Also making presentations during the conference...

Paradise, PA: Hope and Healing for Broken Kids

Keystone Church 6 Pequea Drive, Paradise, PA

Brokenness and pain run deep and wide in today's youth culture. Our kids are victims of family breakups, violence, incest, date rape, sexual abuse, and other devastating circumstances. Today's kids are faced with issues of increasing complexity, but ignoring these issues is simply not an option. Working with hurting kids should not be taken lightly....

$45 – $55