Got a great YouTube link from my buddy Mike Flavin this morning. It features Alec Greven, our culture’s new relationship guru. It seems that Alec’s struck gold – most likely literally – by writing and speaking about how a man should conduct himself in relationships with women. I’m sure that the recent media frenzy over this guy along with the success of his best-selling book, How to Talk to Girls, will result in fame, fortune, and some kind of match-making website.

Mike offered some great advice on how to use the video. He played it for his middle school youth group guys and then had a great discussion about love, dating, and relationships. I like that idea.

Here’s the clincher. . . Alec is only 9-years-old! Which begs the question, how old was he when he dated that girl way back when he lived in Seattle?!?

Got to run so that I can watch this video and listen to Alec’s advice a second time. There’s so much in there that you’ve either got to scribble fast or keep rewinding. The first time around I realized that my wife would probably appreciate it if I showered everyday and washed my clothes more regularly. Thanks Alec! I’ll let you know how it goes.

Now, back to watching. . . .

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