Two Winners. . . .

I know. I know. We’re a week late on announcing our winner of the Sam Van Eman book, On Earth As It Is In Advertising. And the winner is. . . .Kane. Here’s the ad he submitted:

I’m not sure the ad’s a winner (long arm hair on anybody – ewwww). . . but it won Kane a book. Hey Kane. . . to claim your prize you need to email Derek at dmelleby(at) with your vitals (I’m not sure why, but Derek told me to write it like that).

Now, for the second winner. Have you heard the new U2 disc? I don’t need to say anymore. And for my winning track, check out the four coolest Irish boys in the world last night on Letterman. This is just the way it’s supposed to be. Enjoy. . . .

6 thoughts on “Two Winners. . . .

  1. Nice Walt, I’m lovin the new album and I think it’s gonna be even better in concert! Magnificent is great and it was so good to see them last night. Even Letterman seemed awestruck! There is so much to unpack and discuss on this album. I would love to hear your thoughts at some point.

  2. Thank you for sharing, Walt. I heard about this video from your CPYU Facebook group message.

    I first caught it on the Letterman show Tuesday after midnight via the CBS TV station in Philadelphia.

    It seems like a great new song!

    Shared this video on my facebook profile.

  3. Walt,
    I got the e-Update today and saw that you were giving a book away. 😉 Thanks.

    I actually posted on “Armpit hair” a week or so ago. Very funny.

    Here’s another campaign I just discovered: Johnnie Walker. It’s geared toward a post high school audience, but maybe not. Teenagers are tempted by greatness, too, aren’t they?

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