Sara Groves. . . .

Last night my daughter Caitlin and I shared a wonderful evening out featuring a meal and a concert. Sara Groves and her ensemble were in town to play at the Hershey Free Church (thanks to Bob Sproul and his crew there for making this happen) as a stop on their “O Holy Night” Christmas tour.

I’m not sure how to put into words what the evening meant to me. Maybe the best word I could use is “refreshing.” It was nice to slow down and be with Caitlin. And, it was nice to be able to spend time with my daughter listening together to someone who has great talent and who recognizes the source of that talent.

I’ve never met Sara Groves. I have, however, listened to lots of her music. I didn’t realize it until it was over, but last night was one of those nights that reminds you of the way it’s supposed to be, along with who the people who represent the way it’s supposed to be are supposed to be.

Sara Groves defers to her Maker. She doesn’t want to get in the way. It’s obvious. She just does what she’s called to do with great passion and excellence.

Sara Groves is humble. She doesn’t get in the way. Perhaps the most significant moment of the evening came near the end when she thanked the audience for being there. She broke down while thanking God for the opportunity to write and sing. Then, she confessed that she’s aware of the fact that the hook could appear to pull her off stage at any time. The way she said it was deeply sincere. She doesn’t want to be a celebrity. She simply wants to be faithful and obedient. Why don’t more Christian celebrities seek the place outside of the spotlight?

Sara Groves is a mom and a wife. She treasures both callings.

Sara Groves is studious. . . and she gets it. Her understanding of the theology of the incarnation is deep, yet simply stated. She makes it understandable to others. Last night, she made it new again for me.

Sara Groves is plain. No fancy make-up. No fancy clothes. No pretentious attitude. It was like sitting in the living room and listening to your sister play and sing.

Sara Groves – for all the aforementioned reasons and more – is worth listening to.

This morning, my mind is focused on things it might not otherwise be aware of or thinking about two weeks before Christmas. Thank you, Sara Groves, for being a messenger who doesn’t get in the way.

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