It starts this Friday night at the convention center in Pittsburgh. 2500 college students will gather together again this weekend for the annual Jubilee Conference, a get-together sponsored by the CCO that looks seriously at how the Gospel speaks to all of life.

I went there as a college student and it changed me. I went there when I was on staff with the CCO and it continued to change me. Now, I’m going back with an opportunity to share my heart and story with the amazing group of folks who will be gathered together in anticipation of a life-changing experience.

If you haven’t done so already, I would encourage you to check out Jubilee. I’ve posted the promo video for this year’s conference. . .

It Could Change Everything from Jubilee on Vimeo.

And, I’ve included a link to JubileeTV, where you can watch some of the happenings from Jubilee Conferences over the last few years. If you get to stop by this weekend, be sure you don’t miss the greatest book table in the world. It’s an annual Jubilee tradition put together by Bryon Borger of Hearts and Minds Bookstore. . . the greatest bookstore in the world. Byron has become a kind of folk-hero and celebrity at Jubilee thanks to his plugs for books during all the conference plenary sessions. This weekend, Byron’s book table just might be the most popular tourist attraction in town!

Pray for Jubilee. Ask God to do great work in the lives of the college students in attendance. And if you’re a student who’s attending. . . be sure to thank Scott Calgaro and his staff for putting together a great conference. Scott’s pictured below so you know who to look for.

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