Taylor Swift and Good Sense. . . .

Last night I caught the tail end of this re-broadcast of the Tayor Swift interview from last fall. Fascinating stuff. Pay attention around 12 minutes in. There’s some good stuff and good sense that Swift communicates at that point. It’s worth watching.

2 thoughts on “Taylor Swift and Good Sense. . . .

  1. I found this quite interesting in that we not only have a young person saying how fragile young people are in following and being influenced but also how influential these “stars” are in moulding our generations as they are “role models”. It carries alot of weight as she wears both hats as young person and influencer, and in the absence of traditional family structures, media had become the new parent. I wish more artists could watch this clip and understand their responsibility in shaping this and future generations.

    On a separate note, it was also good to see adults, whom I would love to believe are the parents of the young people, in the crowd at the concert. A generational divide will only be breached when we as adults become more immersed and knowledgeable in their world and about their culture.

  2. I have been impressed that so far Taylor has managed not to feel the need to “rebel” and do something in poor taste to prove that she’s “grown up”.
    OTOH, at some point she is going to stumble, I hope she can recover with grace, and that we can remember that we are all human.

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