A good portion of my summer and these first few weeks of early fall have been spent continuing my quest to understand pornography’s growing place and influence in our culture. To be honest, it’s quite frightening. In preparation to speak on these things at the upcoming D6 Conference and the National Youthworkers Convention, I’ve been pulling together much of what I’ve been learning and processing it all. The statistics are overwhelming. Our culture’s growing fascination with and acceptance of this stuff is scary. The consequences of pornography use and addiction are widespread and can’t be ignored.

In the end, it’s my hope that CPYU can point people to redemptive strategies that offer hope for those enmeshed in the thorny tangle of pornography, and for those who love them. That’s certainly part of what we’ll be trumpeting through these seminars in the coming weeks.

Today, I want to pass on a hopeful little resource – one among many that exist – that requires five minutes of your time and attention. It’s a short exchange between Tim Keller, D.A. Carson, John Piper. Regardless of what you think of these men and their theology, they point us to some essential ingredients needed on the quest for hope and healing. It’s not exhaustive and it isn’t the final word. The video clip does, however, point us in the right direction. If you’re a pastor, parent, youth worker, and/or one who struggles with pornography, this is worth your time. I believe that only hope that we have in this battle is in the Gospel.

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