We Are NOT Westboro Baptist. . . .

I was thinking. . . if the Westboro Baptist Church folks are really going to show up to protest the funerals of the Sandy Hook Elementary victims in Newtown, CT. . . could my youth worker friends in New England pull together their youth group kids (thousands of them!) to stand together between the Westboro Folks and those grieving at the funerals. It would be a symbolic and helpful gesture. I don’t know any evangelical Christian who truly understands the Gospel who thinks that the Westboro folks are representing Christ or the larger evangelical church. I don’t want my non-believing friends to believe that I believe what the Westboro people believe.

2 thoughts on “We Are NOT Westboro Baptist. . . .

  1. Walt, agreed Westboro does not represent Jesus Christ well. I’m not sure how to handle the situation though as I don’t think we want to make Newtown’s grieving process anything other than that. I’m going to pray that Westboro decides otherwise and for the media to let Newtown grieve. Certainly evangelical Newtonian’s can and should share the Gospel with those who are looking for it and just give a shoulder to cry on for those who aren’t.

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