A Weekend Pause. . . with Metaxas and Bonhoeffer. . .

You’ll no doubt be sitting around a bit over the last couple of days. . . it’s the weekend. . . you’ll watch TV. . . waste a little time maybe in front of the TV. . . I know. . . I do it all the time. Why not redeem the time by watching something that will feed your soul, challenge your mind, and lead you to deeper faith?

I’ve got just the thing for you. During our latest Doctor of Ministry in Ministry to Emerging Generations residency at Gordon-Conwell we had our cohort read Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s The Cost of Discipleship. It’s a classic. It’s challenging. It will rattle your 21st century understanding (mis-understanding???) of what it means to follow Jesus. It’s a book about walking your talk by a guy who walked his talk. . . right to his death. Dr. Adonis Vidu, one of my co-leaders with our DMin cohort, had us watch this wonderful interview with Eric Metaxas, author of what has become the best-selling and definitive biography of Bonhoeffer. I’ve watched this video a couple of times over the last few weeks. It encouraged and challenged me. And so, I pass it on to you.

Take some time and give this a look. I love the fact that Bonhoeffer was always a step ahead of the times in his understanding of what was unfolding in the world and in the church. That’s a resolve and skill that’s desperately needed today. We need minds that can sort out what’s happening and then respond. It will require a willingness to go against the flow. . . in both the world and the church. And, it might even cost you your life.

2 thoughts on “A Weekend Pause. . . with Metaxas and Bonhoeffer. . .

  1. Also, if you find this helpful and Metaxas insightful then you might want to follow up with his book ‘Socrates in the City’. It is a collection of discussions between some great minds tackling topics includiong philosophy, God, life & others. Bonhoeffer is on my desk as the next read in a list. Also in that list: Youth Culture 101.

  2. I’m just now reading Metaxas’ Bonhoeffer biography and it is captivating. Thanks for bringing him to our attention, Walt.

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