Nothing. That’s what you’d see, hear, and receive from CPYU if it wasn’t for the small yet mighty and growing army of ministry partners who underwrite our ministry through their generous financial support. We’d have no content, no seminars, no resources, no radio show, no web site, no books, no College Transition Initiative, no Digital Kids Initiative, etc. For 25 years now, our ministry partners have kept us going. We’re so grateful!

Still, we are always looking for more folks to jump on board with us as we move forward. It’s for that reason that I’m inviting you all to consider joining with us by making a donation after midnight tonight. Once again, CPYU is participating in a 24-hour online fund-raising event called “The Extraordinary Give.” While the event is sponsored by a local foundation, gifts to CPYU from anywhere in the world will be multiplied!

What is the Extraordinary Give? Here’s what the website of the Lancaster County Community Foundation says: The Extraordinary Give is Lancaster County’s largest day of online giving. This 24-hour giving marathon will benefit more than 250 local organizations. Every dollar donated at this website on November 22 will be stretched with $250,000 from the Lancaster County Community Foundation and Rodgers & Associates and each donation could help win a portion of $50,000 for causes in our community.

The Community Foundation is committed to helping you make a difference to the causes you care about and strengthening our local community benefit sector. The Extraordinary Give is a special way to bring these two goals together; a powerful day to show support to our local community and a way to give a little extra to those who need it most.

In other words, every contribution you make to CPYU through the Extraordinary Give website on Friday, November 22 (midnight to midnight) will be stretched and added to! We participated in this last year and it was a huge success. 
If you are able to give during this 24-hour event, simply log on after midnight tonight and make your donation to CPYU.
Thanks so much for considering this request, and thanks for helping us move forward in ministry!

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