God Grant Me A Heart For This Girl. . . And The Heart Of This Girl. . .

Last night I watched the Nightly News on NBC. Once again, from the heated, padded, and peaceful confines of our family room, the screen took us on a two-minute journey into a place where comforts like heat, padding, and peace are largely unknown.

I knew very little about what’s going on the Central African Republic until I saw this report. And if my past behavior is any indicator, the initial shock of what I saw on the screen during those two minutes and some-odd seconds will diminish in just short time as I walk to my refrigerator for an evening snack before settling down to catch the first few minutes of the hockey game.

But last night the story about the Central African Republic gripped me in a powerful way. As the story came on the screen and Ann Curry set us up for her piece on the impending genocide and the horrifying story of one eight-year-old girl, I knew that NBC was showing this because we have to see it.

Please take a couple of minutes to watch the clip. I’m not sure I could show the grace this little one is showing. God, grant us hearts for this little girl and all of the Central African Republic. . . and God, grant us heart like the heart of this precious child.

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One thought on “God Grant Me A Heart For This Girl. . . And The Heart Of This Girl. . .

  1. We do not usually watch the evening news but just so happened to have it on for the first few minutes. I went through a range of emotions . . . anger at what happened to her family, compassion for her plight, awe at her response. It took our family to our knees in prayer particularly because we sponsor a child in Rwanda and know how quickly a country can fall into anarchy as did Rwanda two decades ago.

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