“Thank You” Day. . .

Banquet Invite Cover Image_Page_1Today is a day to say “Thank You.” Tonight, several hundred of our CPYU donors and friends will gather together to celebrate another year of God’s faithfulness to CPYU. Twenty-six years now. Hard to believe. It’s a time for me, personally, to pause and reflect on how God has taken our meager and many times limp-along efforts and turned them into something that contributes to the advance of His Kingdom. It’s a pleasure, a privilege, and a joy to be doing this.

As we gather for tonight’s celebration banquet here in Lancaster County, we will be thanking those who have generously answered God’s call to steward their resources in our direction. There is a small army of faithful donors who God is using to fund our work. It is amazing. For those of you who have benefited in some way from the ministry of CPYU, these folks are integral to our work and they have been a blessing to you too.

And so, when we gather to give thanks this evening, I will be thanking them on your behalf. God has been so good to us.

One thought on ““Thank You” Day. . .

  1. Indeed, give thanks to God for His faithfulness in providing those who have supported the ministry financially. Many times your ministry has shed Light into the ministry we have with students, parents and the rest of the family.

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