Teens, Bullying, & Social Media. . . A Helpful Infographic

The good news is that if you missed Monday night’s CNN special report on kids and social media, #Being13: Inside the Secret World of Teens, you are able to catch it online. The show was well-done and informative. I’m recommending that youth workers, parents, grandparents, and anyone else who cares about kids give it a look. We truly live on a changing landscape. So many of the youth culture issues that we address here at CPYU and through our online Digital Kids Initiative were addressed. If you’re a youth worker, be sure to give parents a “heads-up” and point them to #Being 13.

As a matter of follow-up, there are three resources that I want to highlight that we’ve developed or found that are worth checking out. . . .

  1. Our Digital Kids Initiative. This site is updated regularly is loaded with all kinds of audio, video, news, research, and free downloadable resources.
  2. Our “Parents’ Primer on Social Networking.” This is a free download that youth workers can hand on to parents.
  3. The infographic posted below, “Unbelievable Statistics About Kid and Teens on the Internet,” which was put together by the folks at Search RPM. . .

rpm infographic

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