Youth Workers and Parents. . . Today We Need Your Help. . .

Almost twenty-seven years. . . that’s how long we’ve been serving youth workers, parents, educators, pastors, grandparents, churches, schools, community organizations and a host of others here at the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding. During that time, our non-profit organization has been able to minister, grow, and continue to function because of the “fuel” that is being poured into “our tank” on a daily basis. Of course, the main ingredient in the fuel is God’s grace, mercy, and love. We do this only because of Him and His provision. But there’s a vital secondary ingredient which if cut off would cause us to stall and come to a complete stop. That ingredient is the faithful prayer and financial support of our donors. As we approach a week of thanksgiving, I want to express my gratitude to God and to our ministry partners.

One of the great benefits of being a donor-supported non-profit ministry is that anyone, anywhere, at any time can access 99% of our resources at absolutely no cost. I constantly hear stories of how this reality is a blessing to so many. Today, I want to invite those of you who are a part of this “so many” to take advantage of a special 24-hour opportunity to add to our fuel tank here at CPYU.

extragive2015-site-logo1435601627.7203Here in our beautiful Central Pennsylvania area over 360 non-profits – including CPYU – are participating in a giving event sponsored by The Lancaster County Community Foundation. It’s called The Extra Ordinary Give. Here’s how it works. . . and how you can help: Until 11:59pm EST tonight, you can click on this link and go to a secure page that allows you to give a tax-deductible gift (minimum of $25) that will support CPYU. When the day is finished, the good folks at The Lancaster County Community Foundation will “stretch” your gift out of a pool of $300,000 that will be divided up among the over 360 participating non-profits based on the total amount given to each non-profit by their donors. Anyone, anywhere, at any time before 11:59pm EST today can make a donation to CPYU by using this link. Your donation fuels us, making it possible for us to continue to do the work you’ve come to know and appreciate.

This is CPYU’s fourth year of participation in The Extra Ordinary Give. In 2012, our donors came together to contribute over $14,000 to CPYU through this one-day event. In 2013, we saw an increase to over $23,000! And then last year, your generosity eclipsed $24,000. Any donation, no matter how large or how small, will go a long way in helping us continue, grow, and expand in 2016.

I’m looking forward to at least another twenty-seven years! That can only happen if we are fueled by God’s grace, mercy, and love. . . and your financial support. Thanks for letting me step for a day out of my ordinary blogging to pass this important request on to you!



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