Marketing Tricks. . . An Infographic That Might Make You A Savvy Christmas Shopper. . .

There was an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer back in the late 1980s that sparked my interest in marketing technique. The piece described how a typical shopping mall was a combination of design elements resulting from marketing studies on how to get people to spend their money. For example, mall concourses are tiled. Store floors under merchandise are carpeted. Why? People walk faster on tile and slower on carpet. Hmmm.

The stores are crowded this week. Chances are, you and your family will be adding to the shopping population at retail stores in your area. Sure, you’re looking for a deal. But how about making shopping a game? You can become savvy to marketers efforts by playing “Spot the Strategy.” Because so much of marketing is about manipulating us into spending money, we need to become more savvy so that we’re not sucked in and taken.

I stumbled on this infographic and thought I would pass it on. Give it a look. Talk about it with your kids. Then, play “Spot the Strategy.” Maybe you’ll be motivated to reboot your stewardship and spending to reflect Godly wisdom and marketing savvy when making purchases.

advertising infographic

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