Exercising Selfie-Control. . . Or Not. . . A Helpful Infographic. . .

I’m not sure I’ve seen what used to be called a “candid” photo posted on social media for a long, long time. Oh, I know they’re there, but they seem to become scarcer and scarcer as we primp, pose, and photoshop our primped and posed selves in an effort to curate an identity that gets the likes. We pose our selves, our kids, our vacations, etc. We’ve become so full of our curated selves that we don’t have the time or discernment to stop, call it what it is, and then retreat from our narcissism. Our insecurity filled self-obsession is a fantastic tool in the enemy’s hands. . . keeping us from focusing our time and energy on cementing our identities in Christ. It’s actually quite frightening.

This week, thanks to our friends at youthministrymedia.ca, I saw a fantastic infographic created by the folks at Rawhide.org. It’s called “Selfie Obsession: The Rise of the Social Media Narcissist.” Give it a look. . . and then pass it on to parents. You might even want to talk about it with the kids you know and love. . . .


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