The Fluidity of Identity in Today’s World. . . A Thought-Provoking Video. . .

A friend sent me a link to this video yesterday. I understand it’s been around for a few days so my apologies for getting to it perhaps a little late. I found it incredibly enlightening and incredibly disturbing at the same time. This is who we are. That’s enlightening. And, this is who we are. That’s disturbing.

When I read the Scriptures I see that a generation can be lost within the span of one generation. It’s not necessarily over the long haul. When I watch this video, I’m thinking the same thing. I remember how twenty years ago we were talking about the postmodern turn and telling youth workers and parents that “we’re moving into a worldview landscape where there is no such thing as truth. Instead, truth is individualized and fluid based on one’s mood and feelings.” We’re here. And while we were only speculating on how this shift would play out in everyday life. . . well, here’s one example.

So, take a look at this. Then let’s talk about it. Feel free to comment and discuss. In addition, this is a great one to talk about with the kids you know and love. . .

3 thoughts on “The Fluidity of Identity in Today’s World. . . A Thought-Provoking Video. . .

  1. Aren’t these students “science deniers”? If you can tell a creationist that he is a “science denier” for disbelieving evolution, can’t a person call a white man who says he is a Chinese woman a “science denier” and therefore a “truth denier”?

  2. At what point do we set boundaries? If there are no boundaries, in an effort respect any individual’s identity rights, how do we respect the rights of the individuals that want said boundaries? At what point does it stop being politically correct and become intrusive?

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