Youth Workers. . . Will You Mobilize Students For Hurricane Aid?

By this time tomorrow we’ll have a fairly good idea of the extent of damage that will be done due to Hurricane Irma. Add that damage to what’s happened already from Hurricane Harvey, and as they said on the news tonight, it’s “devastation.”

I’m guessing that most of you will be scheduling Harvey and/or Irma mission trips with your students over the course of the next couple of years. People’s homes will need to be rebuilt. But it’s not only the long-term needs that must be met.

Beginning now, victims of Irma are joining those hit by Harvey last week with immediate needs. These are some of the most basic needs that most of us take for granted. Water, a meal, blankets, clothing, etc.

While there are many worthy relief organizations that deserve our generosity, our brothers and sisters with The Salvation Army are uniquely positioned through their experience, expertise, and preparation to mobilize immediately to minister to hurricane victims at some of the most basic levels.

Several days I approached some friends at The Salvation Army to ask if they would establish a dedicated youth worker, youth group, and student portal that we can use to pool our resources and make an immediate impact in the lives of those who need the most basic of life’s needs met in these days following disaster. That donation portal has been set up and is ready to go.

Imagine what would happen this weekend. . . tomorrow in fact. . . if when you are with your students you would challenge them to donate through this special Salvation Army #HarveyYouthShare portal. There’s not a youth worker, youth group, or student who cannot give something out of the abundance they’ve been given. Perhaps it’s sacrificing one trip to Starbucks, car-pooling to use less gas, or forgoing a lunch at school to donate that money to those in immediate need. One-hundred percent of every donation will go directly and quickly to meet the needs of those hurt by these hurricanes.

So. . . if you would. . . share this with your students tomorrow. . . keep reminding them through the week. . . and spread the word to your youth ministry peers so that they might do the same. Use #HarveyYouthShare in all your posts.


You can access updates on The Salvation Army’s hurricane relief efforts here.

You can also check out updates on The Salvation Army’s dedicated disaster Facebook page here.

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