Teens and Texting While Driving. . . A Helpful Infographic and Advice. . .

Did you know that almost 40% percent of driving-aged teens here in the U.S. say they text while driving. One of the first times I ever spoke publicly on this issue here in Pennsylvania I was saddened to learn that a grieving mother was in the audience. She was on a mission to warn other parents about the dangers of texting while driving. Sadly, her teenage daughter lost her life as a result of texting while driving. In a strange twist, it was on the very day that our state Senate had passed a law prohibiting texting while driving.

Parents and youth workers. . . what a great opportunity you have to exercise a preventive influence on the teens you and know and love! Are you talking to kids about the very real dangers of texting while driving? In an effort to give you some talking points, check out the audio file of today’s one-minute “Youth Culture Today”, and the infographic I’ve posted below. In addition, you can access our free “Texting While Driving” fact sheet here.

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