He Makes Her Walk To School. . . This Dad Is Awesome! . . .

This morning, someone I know sent me a link to the video I’ve embedded below. It’s going to be very interesting to see what kind of response snowballs as people watch a 10-year-old girl walking 5 miles to school as discipline for getting thrown off the school bus the day before. Listen as her dad narrates while she walks. I’m sure there will be those who think this dad should be arrested. . . fined. . . or maybe even sent to family court. And those who say that are probably folks who should have been made to walk to school themselves.

Before you rush to judgment against this father, read a couple of books. . . The Coddling Of The American Mind by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt. . . iGen by Jean Twenge. . . and The Collapse of Parenting by Leonard Sax. Then, sit down with some long-time educators and ask them if they’re seeing any evidence of things like entitlement, narcissism, and selfishness as rising trends among kids.

Now. . . go back and watch the video again.

I have to applaud this father for loving his daughter so incredibly much that he’s doing what needs to be done to teach his daughter life lessons that will serve her well all of her days.

Oh. . . and one more thing. I did this exact same thing with one of my kids when that kid was back in middle school. . . long before the days of smartphones with cameras. It’s a legendary story in our family and it sometimes gets shared at holidays.

And you know what? . . . It was that same kid who messaged me this video this morning.

So. . . look at the video. . . and then listen to what coincidentally is our one-minute “Youth Culture Today” radio spot for today . . . all about “Lawnmower Parenting” (embedded below).


One thought on “He Makes Her Walk To School. . . This Dad Is Awesome! . . .

  1. HAHA, Walt, I saw this on the news this morning and afterward they said that most experts recommend talking to your bullying child instead. I couldn’t help thinking about what would stick with them longer, talking or walking to school. On the other hand they also said it was 5 miles and only 36 degrees. Really? Sounds like a nice walk to me.
    My kids were distance runners in Northeast Ohio. HAHAHAHA!

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