Parents. . . Christmas And How Time Flies. . .

A few simple words today and something that caught and brought a little bit of moisture to my eyes.

My wife decorated our tree with a scheme that put these four hand-made ornaments in close proximity to one another. . . right in the middle of the tree. When I saw them all together, it rattled me a bit. My kids were once little. . . yesterday, I think. Now, they are all grown up. I remember when they brought these ornaments home. . . yesterday.

And so I am reminded. . . time flies. I posted this photo on Facebook the other day and said the same thing. . . “Time flies.” A friend responded with this: “When you’re a parent, the days can drag. . . but the years fly by.” So true.

Don’t miss it. You will blink. . . and they will be older. And that’s why our tree this year reminds me of the little amount of time we actually have to make the biggest and most important investment in our kids. While the cultural narrative pushes us to invest stuff and experiences into our kids, that actually tends to be horribly counter-productive. Instead, the investment needs to be about the spiritual nurture of our kids. . . introducing them each and every day to the will and the way of the One whose birth we celebrate tomorrow. That’s parenting job, calling, and responsibility #1.

Christmas blessings!

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