Black Friday Brawls. . . Who We Are And What We Need. . .

Insanity. That’s what we’ve embraced. The time and place of our search for meaning, purpose, fulfillment, and redemption might best be evidenced in how we act during what’s become known as “Black Friday” wherever the deals may lead us. I googled “Black Friday brawls” and more videos than I can count or ever view popped up. Here’s one of the first to pop up. . . put together by the folks at The Toronto Sun. . .

We’re nuts.

Os Guinness has said that “either we serve God and use money or we serve money and use God.” From the looks of it, money has become our god.

Think about it. . . this is all about CHRISTMAS shopping. CHRISTMAS shopping. And the way in which we’ve come to approach Christmas reveals just how badly we need Christmas.

The sad and deadly irony of our modern-day Christmas is that the diversion of our consumer-driven preparations causes us to miss the dark depths of our brokenness and need. . . which is a necessary prerequisite to being joyfully blinded by God’s gracious and merciful gift of The Light Of The World. We have no idea what it is that we’re celebrating.

On Saturday, The New York Times printed an opinion piece by Tish Harrison Warren that is a beautiful reminder of how to best prepare for the coming of the Savior. She writes about falling in love with the season of Advent. I wonder. . . how many of us celebrate Advent? How many of our kids know what Advent is all about? And, do we allow Advent to dictate our shopping practices? Or, is it the other way around.

Tish Harrison Warren writes, “As darkness lengthens in late fall, we begin to see the signs of the season — advertisements with giant red bows atop new cars, Christmas music blasting everywhere, the heightened pace of holiday hustle and bustle, lights and garlands speckling every corner of the city . . . you can read the rest here.


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