Thoughts About The Coming Days and Weeks. . .

With many of our regular diversions shut down, the temptation will be to spend the next few weeks running to our other diversions. . . specifically, the triple screens (smartphones, tv, computers) and social media. . . thereby only increasing our growing addiction to each. That’s not a good thing.

Is it possible that what we miss dearly are things that we hold too dearly? Is this an indicator that we have embraced these things as idols?

What would happen if we would use this great gift of time to seek times of fellowship with the Lord, to read, to study, and to engage face-to-face with others?

Is it possible that the way we choose to use our time over the coming days and weeks would refresh us and lead us into becoming more and more of the people we’ve been created to be?

I’m thinking about this.

One thought on “Thoughts About The Coming Days and Weeks. . .

  1. Absolutely. I’m already seeing youth pastors scramble to keep more and more plates spinning. Can we just be quiet and accept what we have as from our Father? I realize many have suffered and died because of this virus, and that is absolutely awful. At the same time, this can also serve as a time that awakens us from the filth and stench we are so accustomed to thinking as normal life. I’m thankful so many activities have been shut down because our rat-race, break-neck speed needs to be hushed. What a phenomenal time for families to be families; to have conversations; to linger around each other; to take a walk; to be. Lord, help us not to waste this quiet time by trying to figure out more and more ways to load it up with junk.

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