Bring CPYU To Your Church. . . Virtually! . . .

The Covid-induced life adjustments continue. Can you imagine if one year ago today you had been able to look into a crystal ball and see what has become “normal life” for us in November of 2020? Now, I look around and find it unusual if someone isn’t wearing a mask!

The Covid-induced ministry adjustments continue as well. “What is your church doing these days?” is a question that is usually asked in order to find direction in how to schedule services, youth groups, and other activities. . . and whether or not to require masks.

Like you, I’ll be glad when this is over. But in the meantime. . . we adjust.

Since we’ve been a part of helping youth workers minister to parents for over thirty years, we’ve had to adjust here at CPYU as well. We see this pandemic-time as a great opportunity to equip parents to fulfill their role as those primarily responsible for the spiritual nurture of their kids. So, we’ve looked for new ways to assist you as you assist and minister to parents. (Have you seen our Free downloadable “Family TableTalk Devotionals”?)

Since we’ve had to cancel and postpone our normally heavy schedule of live on-site seminars, we’ve worked to put together some virtual parent seminars that you can now schedule for your church and parent groups. At the present time, we’ve got 4 virtual seminars available. I would love to have the opportunity to engage in a live, real-time face-to-face interaction with your group of parents.

To learn more and to book a seminar, just click here.

And if you’re wondering about our 4 seminar options. . .

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