A Big Day Here At CPYU. . .

Good morning friends! Today is a day when I let you know about ways that we can partner together in ministry. As a donor-supported non-profit ministry, it’s the financial and prayer support of a growing army of friends which allows us to continue to resource youth workers, parents, and churches with up-to-date information and analysis on today’s youth culture, along with practical Gospel-centered tools to reach and disciple our kids. Today is a perfect day to point you to a specific way you can help us, along with a specific way that we can help you.

First. . . how you can help us. Today, from midnight to midnight, our local area is engaged in an annual fund-raising event known as The Extra Ordinary Give. This online giving event allows 516 local organizations, including CPYU, an opportunity to spread the word about our mission while giving donors an opportunity partner with us through financial generosity. Last year, 113 unique individuals combined to donate over $33,000 to CPYU! If you believe in and have been helped by the ministry of CPYU, you can use this link to make a donation to CPYU before midnight tonight: https://www.extragive.org/organizations/center-for-parent-youth-understanding

Second. . . how can we help you? I would invite you to listen in to the just-released latest episode of our Youth Culture Matters podcast. On this edition, I chat with a couple of boots-on-the-ground youth workers about the most-watched Netflix series ever, Squid Game, which has gone viral through today’s youth culture and is justifiably a cause for concern. You can either listen here, or use the player I’ve embedded below.

Thanks so much for partnering with us and for allowing us to serve Jesus Christ by serving you!


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