Clearing Up Sex and Gender Confusion: A Youth Worker Training Opportunity. . .

Youthworkers. . . are you still looking for a Fall training event? We have a very limited amount of spaces still open for this focused, practical, and collaborative training experience. Duffy Robbins and myself invite you to join us and a group of your youth ministry peers as we develop messaging and strategies for promoting traditional biblical sexuality to our students.
As debates about human sexuality dominate classrooms, coffee shops, and social media, youth ministers committed to a traditional Biblical ethic may struggle to find their voice. Some may wonder if there is a safe space in which to form a theologically informed and nuanced approach to these charged and complex issues. Join Dr. Walt Mueller of the Center for Parent Youth Understanding and Dr. Duffy Robbins of Grove City College for an intensive multi-day symposium to deepen your own Biblical and theological foundations, to broaden your apologetic for affirming the goodness of expressing sexual intimacy within the bonds of marriage between a man and a woman, and to strengthen your pastoral skills in helping youth live out these truths.
This Symposium presumes participants’ affirmation of a historic, orthodox Christian sexual ethic and will be building from this premise, not debating it. Participation is limited to 25 to allow for deep exploration of these issues and will require some preparatory work and active involvement in the Symposium.

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