It was so good the first time around that we’re doing it again! The Northeast Youth Ministry Summit will be happening March 4 to 7 in the beautiful Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania. So far, we have youth workers registered from 18 states, along with Mexico and Canada! They’re coming together to a youth worker training event that we’ve worked very hard to curate in ways that we believe God will use to increase your ministry effectiveness and see the advancement of His Kingdom!

So many have asked, “What makes the Northeast Youth Ministry Summit unique?” Here are some of the marks of NYSM that we hope will encourage you to join us.

First, we’re committed to seeing NYMS marked by biblical faithfulness and theological depth. We’ve pulled together a group of trainers who are rooted in God’s Word, and who will take you from where you are at in your knowledge and ministry skill into greater depth and maturity, all with practical strategies and tools.

Second, we are building NYMS around a theme that warrants urgent attention in our current world. Our theme this year is “Cultivating Wisdom and Discernment.” The Scriptures call us to wisdom and to be discerning. Not only do we need to develop wisdom and discernment in our own lives, but we need to guide and equip our students and their families into the same so that they might navigate living as disciples in today’s cultural setting. You will experience large group sessions dedicated to this task, along with several breakout options addressing the practical matters of building wisdom and discernment into your students.

Third, we have worked to put together an event that facilitates intimacy and community among attendees. Holding this at the Ligonier Camp and Conference Center, capping registration numbers (no more than 200. . . so register soon!), and eating good food together every meal makes this happen organically. This was one of the highlights for everyone at last year’s event. The dining hall and our small group processing times were marked by conversation and laughter. It was a joy to watch it all happen!

Fourth, we are not only committed to training you for youth ministry, but to ministering to your heart and mind as well. We have created space each evening after a day full of training and a good dinner to come together first to worship, second to sit together under the preaching of God’s Word (Dr. John Currie will be preaching on wisdom), and third, to end our day with a relaxed time of just being together to socialize in the presence of one another.

Fifth, we’ve been deliberate about pulling together a team of trainers who have longevity, who have worked with students in a variety of settings, and who have expertise/experience which we all need. If you go to the NYMS website, you will find names that your recognize. Some names may not be familiar, but all of our speakers have deep expertise rooted in experience. One particular option that I’m especially excited about is providing seminars with some counselors who have walked through some sticky stuff with students and who can help you do the same, along with several seminars on working with kids who have disabilities of all types. Check out the speakers and the seminar titles at the NYMS page.

Finally, you’ll be exposed to a variety of youth ministry resources, many of which will be new to you. We see NYMS as a “springboard” and “launching” event. Yes, you will leave somewhat discouraged for the simple reason that you will be saying “goodbye” to a host of new friends and a great time together. . . kind of like what your students feel on the drive home from the weekend retreat. But you will also leave refreshed, challenged, encouraged, and with an arsenal of new resources to use as you build your ministry to students.

There’s so much more that will happen at this year’s Northeast Youth Ministry Summit, and I’m personally excited to see what God has in store for the group that he is pulling together. I invite you and your team to join us! You can learn more and register here.

I hope to see you at the Summit!

2 thoughts on “Six Marks Of The NYMS Youthworker Training Event

  1. Thank you for this opportunity. I’m wondering if this summit can be attended by older teens as well or only applicable to already positioned youth ministry leaders?

    1. Thanks for this question. The Summit is designed for youth workers. RYM does run conferences for teens in the summertime. You can learn more about those at

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