Over the course of the last few years I’ve come to appreciate the prayers Scotty Smith has written to guide us as we pray. I have found that written prayers are most helpful in guiding me to remember both how to pray and what to pray. Scotty Smith’s Everyday Prayers is one book I recommend as a helpful supplement to your prayer life.

For this Memorial Day, I’m sharing Scotty’s prayer as a helpful way to pause, to remember, and to pray. . .

Triumphant Jesus, on this Memorial Day we gladly stop to honor the men and women who have served our country in various branches of the armed forces. In a world filled with “wars and rumors of war,” we don’t take our servicemen and servicewomen for granted. There has never been more of a thankless, even despised job.

But on this particular Memorial Day, we stop to honor you as the ultimate servant-warrior—the quintessential man of service—the one who, on the cross, waged the war to end all wars.

No one hates warfare among vying nations more than you. No one is more offended even by the petty and pointless squabbles between spouses and friends (James 4:1–2). No one paid a greater price to bring the final and full peace for which we intensely long and hope.

Having defeated the prince of darkness on the cross, you’re now the rider on the white horse—alone worthy of the name Faithful and True, for you are the eternal and incarnate Word of God. You are faithful to fulfill every promise God made for the salvation of his people and the restoration of creation. Even in this very moment, you are actively bringing to completion this magnificent work of redemption, in every place and in all things.

Though evil hates beauty, your love trumps all evil. Evil will not prevail. It has been powerfully defeated and it will be fully eradicated. You are already reigning as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, presently making all your enemies your footstool. We love your kingdom and long for the full manifestation of your reign of grace. Maranatha! Come quickly, Lord! We pray with gratitude, in the memory and victory of your matchless name. Amen.

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