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Resources, links, other helpful tools mentioned in the podcast:
The Simple Seven
Just Add Parents: Ready-to-Use Parent Meeting – “Raising Marketing-Savvy Kids”
CPYU Seminars
Ad Age
Ads of the World
Marketing Land

Marketing blog posts and radio shows from CPYU:
Marketing as Map and Mirror… Three Ads to Deconstruct Christianly… (blog from Walt Mueller)
Marketing Tricks… An Infographic that Might Make You a Savvy Christmas Shopper… (blog from Walt Mueller)
Managing Marketing Madness… (blog from Walt Mueller)
Teen Targeted Marketing (Youth Culture Today radio program)
Marketing Cool (Youth Culture Today radio program)
Marketing and the Hole in the Soul (Youth Culture Today radio program)

Marketing Related Articles:
Genius Ways Companies Get Kids to Do Their Marketing for Them
Gen Z ‘More Receptive’ To Advertising Than Older Generations
In The US, Kids Play a Central Role in Household Purchases

Youth Culture 101
 by Walt Mueller
On Earth as It Is in Advertising? Moving from Commercial Hype to Gospel Hope by Sam Van Eman
The Pitch: A Simple 1-2-3-4-5 Way to Understand the Basic Pattern of Persuasion in Advertising by Hugh Rank
The Great Tween Buying Machine: Capturing Your Share of the Multi-Billion-Dollar Tween Market by David Siegel, Timothy Coffey, Gregory Livingston

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