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The CPYU Parent Page is a monthly newsletter designed by the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding to help keep parents informed about the latest happenings and trends in the world of youth culture. Churches and youth groups, Christian schools, and other youth organizations can subscribe to this easy-to-use resource and are encouraged to distribute it to the parents of their teens. Individuals may also subscribe.

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2 reviews for CPYU Parent Page

  1. Elias Cuevas

    very useful articles that help a lot in my daily life as a parent and pastor. I translate it into Spanish and shared it with friends

  2. Clint Benesh

    As a Director of Student Ministries at my church I am always looking for resources to equip my parents. The monthly CPYU Parent Page is packed with current issues/topics that I believe every parent/guardian needs to be aware of. If you are a student/youth pastor you must subscribe to this and email it out every month!

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