A Student’s Guide to Navigating Culture – by Walt Mueller (10 Pack)

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Track: Culture: A Student’s Guide to Navigating Culture – by Walt Mueller (10 Pack)


  • Please note that Navigating Culture only ships in packages of 10.
  • Navigating Culture is written for students. CPYU encourages youth workers and churches to order copies for each of their students and discuss it together in small groups, youth groups, or Sunday school settings.


A practical guide to living in and engaging with culture, while living for God.

We all belong to a culture. From the shows we watch to the language we use to the food we eat; culture shapes the way we look at the world, the way we act, the way we think. It affects so much of our lives, and yet we are rarely aware of it. If we are not careful, it can push us away from God’s good desires for who we are and how we live in our world.

This short, helpful book from the Track series encourages young adults to think about what it means to live in the culture but to follow God’s ways rather than the ways of the world.

Walt Mueller begins by explaining what culture is, how it affects the way we see the world, and how we can be aware of the differences between what God teaches in His Word and what our culture says is true. He then covers a couple of big issues that young people face where there is a stark difference between biblical truth and wisdom, and the way our friends might see things.


  1. Soup and Sandwiches
  2. We All Wear Glasses
  3. Culture, Your Story and God’s Story
  4. Living Christianly in Culture
  5. World, Word, Walk: on Gender
  6. World, Word, Walk: on Social Media

About the Track Series

Track is a series of books designed to disciple the next generation in the areas of culture, doctrine, & the Christian life. While the topics addressed aren’t always simple, they are communicated in a manner that is.

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A Student’s Guide to Navigating Culture is packed with valuable content to help students learn to think Christianly about gender, social media, and more. And yet it’s short, easy to read, and biblically sound. I wish every young person would read this and discuss it with a caring adult.

– Sean McDowell

Professor of Christian Apologetics, Biola University, La Mirada, California

Best-selling author and popular speaker

Our gospel glasses have become so muddied by ‘what’s right by the world’ that we struggle to see cultural issues clearly through the lens of Biblical truth. For this reason, I wish I could put this book in the hands of every Christian teenager, and adult too for that matter. In a winsome, easy-to-follow way, Walt guides us in learning to rethink the cultural narrative so we walk in step with God’s Word.

– Kristen Hatton

Author of The Gospel-Centered Life in Exodus for Students, Face Time: Your Identity in a Selfie World and Get Your Story Straight

What makes Walt Mueller such an important resource for youth workers is that he’s a keen student of both the culture and the Word. And he puts both of those tools to good use in this little book. The book is readable, biblical, and, of course, up-to-the-minute relevant. I especially appreciate that Walt opts in this book to move beyond vague and safe ‘lessons’, and invites students to look through his ‘World, Word, Walk’ lens to think about two of the toughest, hot-button topics in adolescent culture: social media and gender identity. I could imagine a tool like this being used by a discipleship group as a discussion guide, or an individual student who truly wants to take discipleship seriously, or a youth worker who’s looking for deeper ways to engage hard topics. I enthusiastically recommend it!

– Duffy Robbins

Professor of Christian Ministries, Grove City College, Grove City, Pennsylvania

Books on culture have a way of becoming obsolete before the ink dries. In a rapidly morphing cultural landscape it feels like it’s impossible to keep up with the latest trends. That’s what makes this book so important.  In Navigating Culture Walt gives us a practical and relevant toolkit for engaging the culture in which we live, parent and do our ministry. Instead of weighing in on the latest social media sensations or most recent media offerings, Walt gives us a ‘map’ that remains useful even when the specific cultural artefacts are constantly changing. This book contains the wisdom of someone who has navigated culture for decades on behalf of parents and leaders everywhere, and gives us access to the basic tools we will need to find our own way, and guide next generations through the complexity of what post-modern, post-Christian, post-truth culture throws at us. A must read resource for anyone who loves teenagers.

– Marv Penner

Director, All About Youth and the National Center for Excellence in Youth Ministry

Speaker and author of several books, including Help! My Kids Are Hurting

Walt Mueller is the preeminent guide to culture for parents, youth workers, and teachers.  Culture is the water that our students are swimming in every single day, and Walt has taught me over the years how to navigate our ever changing culture for myself and my students.  I’m so grateful for this insightful and easily digestible book that will give you the foundations you need to have rich conversations concerning how we should be thinking biblically about complex topics like gender and social media.  Whether you’re a parent or youth worker, read this book and use the included discussions with your students to help you reflect and engage on these important topics.

– Kevin Yi

College and Young Adults Pastor, Church Everyday and video producer for Rooted Ministry

This is a must-read for any parent and youth worker who cares about kids and culture. The stakes are too high and there just too much to navigate in today’s culture without a helpful guide who is seasoned with cultural wisdom and biblical knowledge. Thankfully, Walt is that guide who can lead parents, youth workers and teenagers to travel life well. It’s a fabulous resource!

– Doug Fields

Youth Pastor & Co-founder of

Young people are watching and listening to a cultural narrative – one that is weaving before them a system of values, morals, and beliefs. As Walt points out, our kids are marinating in a secular culture and they are often doing it without any biblical guidance. We must choose to be a stronger, more convincing, Christ-centered voice to our young people. This is a must-read.

– Julie E. Lowe

Counselor and Faculty Member, CCEF

This book challenges teenagers not to run away from, but to run into the hard questions they face today by offering biblical answers and theological conviction. It is a brave new world—here you will find the wisdom and courage you need to navigate it.

– Stephen J. Nichols

Author of R. C. Sproul: A life

President, Reformation Bible College, CAO Ligonier Ministries, Sanford, Florida

Walt Mueller, one of the most trusted voices in ‘cultural exegesis,’ has written a clear and accessible primer on what it means to live Christianly in our current world. He uses simple metaphors to unpack complex ideas in ways that are relatable and relevant. While directly addressing two of the most pressing cultural issues facing all teenagers—gender and social media—this slim volume offers important wisdom and truth that can be used to think Christianly about a host of cultural realities. Get this book for your kids, students, and teens. But first read it yourself — because we all have things to learn and progress to make when it comes to living Christianly.

– Crystal Kirgiss

Author, speaker and teacher, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

Young Life VP of Discipleship


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