Paris is coming to town! . . .

So now it’s come to this. . . . our culture that is. I got to the back page of the first section of yesterday’s Sunday News and there she was. . . . Paris Hilton. . . . the celebrity who exists solely for the sake of celebrity. She’s flying through the air with that crazy lazy “Who am I? Where Am I?” and “Hey, I’m posing for your again. Keep snapping those pictures.” look that’s become so familiar. This time she’s flying through the glittery air with fairy wings and a magic wand in a promotional ad for her new line of fragrances known as Fairy Dust. I look at her photo and wonder if she’s serious. How can you do this and not laugh????And if she is serious, why?

Then, I read on. Paris is coming to our local mall. Not only that, I could be one of 300 customers “to make a qualifying purchase from the Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton fragrance collection and receive an autographed picture from Paris herself.” How can this be? Well, Paris is serious. And because of our ridiculous obsession with celebrity she’s going to be making some serious money when she gets to Lancaster. If I want to meet Paris and have my photo taken with her, I have a choice of spending $135 for Package Number One, or $166 for Package Number Two. Do the math. If 300 people purchase Package Number One, that’s $40,500! If 300 people purchase Package Number Two, that’s $49,800! Not bad for a few hours “work.” But I wind up the real winner because – as the ad tells me – “a kiss of fairy dust” and my “dreams come true.”

Hmmmmm. . . . my dreams would come true. That’s left me wondering. . . . let’s say I pay the $135.00 and I’m one of the first in line. Then, while I’m standing with Paris I spray a little misty squirt of Fairy Dust on my neck (oh, is that the proper place for it?). Would Paris then disappear right before my very eyes? Not from the face of the earth, but from her position of cultural prominence and influence? Should I try this?

I just looked at the full-page ad again. If space aliens on a reconnaissance mission landed and this piece of my newspaper was the only thing they found, what would they think of us? Better yet, what should we think of ourselves?

Oh. . . . and if only we could catch the CPYU fragrance in a bottle and sell it. . . .

4 thoughts on “Paris is coming to town! . . .

  1. Actually, she is very aware of what she’s doing, and the American public is buying right into it all. I recently saw an interview with her where she said “many people just see me as a ditzy blonde,” she paused briefly, smiled with a grin and continued, “but I really know what’s going on”.

    She is leading the masses in a way that every other business and money minded american does; promise to make people happier, if they fork over the almighty dollar. It’s a mutually beneficial agreement in their eyes.

    Just another example of how we’re living in a hyper-real consumer driven world.

    Oh and Walt, if you decide to release a CPYU fragrance, please think long and hard before you put on her outfit. If you decide to, then please send me a poster. My youth group would get a kick out of it.

  2. Walt,

    I know that smell – I don’t think it’s marketable, but you can try. I would target the “junior high boys” demographic – it’s a similar stench.


    We just did a lesson in our youth groups about the show, “My New BFF.” Have you seen this? What a piece of work! The kids got a kick out of the lesson though, which was good.

    Hope you are all well, tell the gang Scott and I say hello.

    -jim d.

  3. How would Paris respond if no one showed up to her Mall Tour of America?
    “Don’t those little people realize it is ME! Is anything more important than ME?”
    “Maybe I’m not all I think I am.”


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