Wacky . . . .

So I’m sitting on the couch with my wife Lisa watching our local Lancaster, PA 6pm newscast. For some strange reason, I say. . . “Let’s turn to the Channel 6 Philly news.” I haven’t watched this newscast in a long, long time. Because it’s the newscast I watched while growing up in Philly I sometimes like to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and tune into Channel 6 Action News.

We flip over and there’s a story on Hurricane Bill and the massive beach erosion at our favorite Jersey shore place, Ocean City. About 1 minute into the report, my 9th grade gym teacher appears. Oh man. Am I old? Am I young? Do I really need to be transported back into 9th grade and all the garbage that came with freshman year of high school?

So, enjoy. His name’s Barry Troster. You’ll see him about a minute in. He was tan and bleached blond forty years ago. Look at him now. He’s probably still driving a blue Corvette. How old was he then? How old is he now? Check it out here.

This is one of those weird media moments!

One thought on “Wacky . . . .

  1. Walt, I grew up in Philly too, so I love to watch Action News sometimes and see what’s on! And my favorite place is Ocean City NJ too! Where did you grow up? Folcroft, Delaware County, for me.

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