Just For Fun. . . Again. . .

I’ve got a friend named Teddy who brings deep joy to everyone he meets. Teddy, who is close in age to me, has Down Syndrome. Those of you who are younger might not know that in days gone by (and not that long ago, I might add), most children born with Down Syndrome were written off and institutionalized for life. It was believed they couldn’t function. Thankfully, that’s changed. Teddy is a great example of the fact that all people are people, created in the image of God and loved by Him. Down Syndrome doesn’t make them any less. In fact, the folks I know with Down Syndrome always seem to have a joy and vigor for life that is enviable and infectious.

Last year, I got to watch Teddy play with his Special Olympics soccer team in a game at a local high school stadium. The school’s varsity players were on the field with Teddy and the Special Olympics teams. Watching them all encourage each and have fun was awesome.

There’s a wonderful video going viral on YouTube that features a wonderful moment for a high schooler named Matt Ziesel who has Down Syndrome. You need to watch. Kudos to the coaches who made this happen on the high school gridiron. I think this is the way it’s supposed to be!

3 thoughts on “Just For Fun. . . Again. . .

  1. That is great to watch. My love of football and especially the steelers, started becasue of a friendship with a young man named Jerry who had downs syndrome when I was in Elementary school.

  2. It’s me commenting again. I was listening to Quinn and Rose this morning and the father of a girl with Downs Syndrome said that 93% of the babies that are diagnoses wiht Downs Syndrome before birth are aborted. I could not help but cry if we were to kill 93% of the whales or snail darters it would be an outrage but babies with Downs Syndrome not so much I guess.

  3. Zeisel made Sportscenter last night… it was really cool.

    One thing I’d like to add… is that the opponents had pitched a shutout up to this point… and unanimously chose to allow this play. That is a remarkable show of class and heart. These are laudable athletes.

    Good story to highlight Walt, thank you.

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