2:20 and Thanksgiving. . . .

Twelve days ago I issued this challenge to our blog visitors: Let’s give glory, honor, and thanks to the God who has given us all things by getting 20 more Compassion children sponsored by Thanksgiving. I want to remind you all of that challenge.

I’m asking you to pass the challenge on to your family as you gather around your Thanksgiving table in less than 48 hours. Here are three things I’d like you to share:

First, as you fill your plates, ask the folks around the table to guess this year’s average cost for a Thanksgiving meal for 10 people. It’s $42.91. Then, let them know that it costs less than the price of this one meal – $38 – to sponsor a Compassion child for one month!

Second, as you finish your meal, gather your family around the computer and watch this moving little 2 minute and 20 second clip from Compassion.

Third, prayerfully consider pooling your resources to sponsor a Compassion child. If you decide to sponsor a child, click here and then choose the child you’d like to sponsor.

I have seen firsthand what child sponsorship does in the life of a child and his/her family. It is transforming in ways that you cannot even begin to imagine. I know I couldn’t imagine it until I saw it for myself. I believe in the work and ministry of Compassion International. I am grateful to God for their work in His world.

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